Aquarius Dating

One of the most exciting things about online dating is working out whether you are compatible with the people who attract your attention or who are drawn to your profile. It's possible to add an extra element of fun to this with horoscope dating. The signs of the zodiac often give pretty good indication as to where your matches lie.

Aquarians celebrate their birthdays on the dates that lie on or between 20th January and February 18th. The ruling planet for this particular sign is Uranus and its ruling house is the eleventh. Aquarius has the water bearer as its graphical symbol.

All signs of the zodiac fall under one of the four elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) and, crucially, Aquarius is one of the Air signs. Air signs are usually characterised by expressive qualities like good communication and a sociable nature.

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Traits and characteristics of Aquarians

So what kind of characteristics can you expect to have if you're an Aquarian? Well, Aquarians are usually very popular for the simple fact that they are easy to get along with and they have such positive personality traits.

Those personality traits tend to include friendliness, thoughtfulness and independence. This combination of traits makes for very cool characters and Aquarians are given to look beyond the mainstream for their interests. This is because they take an intellectual approach and have the self-confidence to find their paths.

This cool and collected attitude extends into the love life of Aquarians and it often makes them act a little distant and aloof when people get too close to them. Excessive familiarity can turn them off and they don't necessarily like it when people try to 'understand' them.

Aquarians like partners that are in tune with their sense of freedom and independence, but who are also as playful and as attentive as they are. They like unconventional people and new experiences, but they do look for security in a relationship too.

Which signs make good matches for Aquarians?

Good communicators who love engaging conversations and plenty of social interaction are the ideal partners for Aquarians. However, intensity is probably not for them. Aquarians look for other cool, intelligent and independent people, which is why other Aquarians are great matches for them. Gemini and Libra often have what it takes too attract them too.

Dating an Aquarius

If you have fallen for an Aquarian man then you stand a good chance of attracting him because they love new people and new conversations. However, keeping hold of him is another matter. The biggest mistake you can make is to try and deprive him of his friends and the other people that interest him. He needs his social interaction to stay happy and active.

If it's an Aquarian woman that holds your affection then you have lots of good things to look forward to, provided you love culture, travel and interesting conversation. If you can match them with your tolerance and your forward-thinking attitude then could be onto a winner.

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