Aries Dating

Getting familiar with horoscopes is a fun and exciting way of approaching online dating. Since you can't already know everything about the people you meet online, it's nice to have a bit of support when making judgements about people's characters.

Aries is the first of the signs of the zodiac. It is also a fire sign which means it's one of the more extroverted, enthusiastic signs out there. The symbol of Aries is the ram and this is a very appropriate image for the characteristics of many Arians.

Aries is ruled by the first house and its ruling planet, both in traditional and modern interpretations of the zodiac, is Mars. You are an Aries if your birthday lies between 21st March and 20th April.

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Traits and characteristics of an Aries

So what sort of person are you likely to be if Aries is your star sign? Well, you have one of the fieriest signs of the zodiac and this translates into your character. It's likely that you will be given to making impulsive decisions and people may have to deal with your combative temperament from time to time.

Arians are usually characterised by a balance of very positive character traits and some traits that are considered a little more high-maintenance. For instance, Arians often have plenty of energy, fantastic leadership skills, staying power and ambition. They can also be very open and patient which is important in a relationship.

All this makes Arians very exciting people to be around - very compelling characters. The sheer presence of an Arian often makes them irresistible to a suitable partner.

However, there are drawbacks to being an Arian. The more negative character traits of Arians include selfishness, jealousy and a measure of intolerance. Arians often have quite a controlling nature and this is something that does rear its head in matters of love.

Which signs make good matches for Arians?

Arians tend to work best when they are in a relationship with other fire signs. This is because they are best disposed to deal with the intensity and spontaneity of Arians. In order to find a date who really excites you, it's worth looking for a Sagittarius for a taste of adventure or a Leo for something more exotic. However, for something really intense - something that seems wrong but feels right - it may be a good idea to look for a mysterious Scorpio.

Dating an Arian

If you've identified an Arian as your preferred date then you need to play your cards right. Arian men are disposed to take the initiative and it's wise to let them. If you are exciting and intelligent, but also very sincere, then you're likely to be the sort of person he's interested in.

Arian women are very driven and they look for partners who are as strong-minded and as strong-willed as they are. They may like to be fussed over and protected, but not in a way that is at odds with their bold and initiating nature.

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