Cancer Dating

If you want to experience a really fun side of online dating then it's worth familiarising yourself with star signs and what they signify. Horoscope dating can be extremely exciting and it's fun to look out for people whose compatibility with you is suggested by the zodiac.

If your birthday lies on any date between 22nd June and 22nd July then your star sign is Cancer. The ruling house for Cancer is the fourth house and your ruling planet is the moon.

Cancer has one of the most easily-recognised symbols: the crab. The sign itself is a water sign and this means that many of the traits and characteristics of Cancerians leans towards the introverted or self-contained. They often demonstrate a sensitive and emotional outlook when it comes to life and love.

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Traits and characteristics of a Cancerian

So what sort of characteristics would you expect a Cancerian to express? First of all, Cancerians can be quite shy at heart even if they enjoy sarcastic humour and jokey behaviour. This is part of the cool exterior they often present the world that disguises the more emotional and sensitive side of their nature.

Cancerians are often conservative. They exercise caution wherever they can and they always prefer to have a safety net out there in case something goes wrong. They depend upon a nice family unit and they are often at their best when they are making future plans because they have the tenacity and the persistence to see them through.

When it comes to love, Cancerians like the security of a nest and they tend to be very nurturing, but the downside to their character comes in the shape of an intermittent need for solitude and moodiness. Occasionally, their protectiveness can feel more like possessiveness and although they are not especially jealous, they can become so when they feel threatened.

They are romantic and sensual but they rely heavily on a deep sense of trust. They are easily damaged when this trust is affronted.

Which star signs make good matches for Cancerians?

In order to experience something relaxed and happy, Cancerians are often drawn to dependable Taureans. A practical and determined Capricorn also makes for a good match. However, a deep and emotionally sensitive Scorpio is probably the one to make you fall head over heels.

Dating a Cancer

Dating a Cancerian man isn't necessarily a walk in the park. On the face of it, they may come across as sensible, protective and romantic, but they can also be quite touchy. Your best bet is to act as sweetly as you can throughout the date. He may respond well to a slightly childish performance on your part.

Cancerian women can also pose difficulties for lovers because they are something fickle. They have a kind of dreaming quality that makes them really attractive dates, but they respond badly to vulgar behaviour and anything that affronts their strong sense of emotional depth.

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