Gemini Dating

Horoscope dating can be a great deal of fun and it's something interesting to throw yourself into. However, lots of online daters find that horoscope dating is more than just fun - it also provides a really positive and productive lesson in judging the character traits of potential love interests.

Gemini belongs to the group of star signs governed by the element of air. Other air signs include Libra and Aquarius. This means that Geminians lean towards a more self-expressive set of character traits - positive, sociable and communicative traits.

Your star sign has the symbol of the twins, which turns out to be quite relevant when the traits and characteristics of Geminians are put under closer scrutiny. Born between 21st May and 21st June, your ruling planet is Mercury and your ruling house is the third house.

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Traits and characteristics of a Gemini

Geminians are very sociable people and at the heart of their sociability lies an eagerness to learn as much as possible about the world and about other people. They get a real kick out of telling stories and communicating well with others.

Geminians are positive and fun, but they can sometimes tease and cajole because it's in their nature to keep things lively. They don't like to sit still for too long and they are motivated by change and variation. Inactivity makes them irritable and restless.

What does this mean where romance is concerned? Well, Geminians will always look for communicative partners - people who are interesting, exciting, articulate and tolerant. However, they do need the support of steady people who can handle their flightiness.

Since they crave variety in all aspects of life, Geminians are not always easy to tie down and they have a tendency to rely on the gift of the gab when their behaviour gets them into trouble.

What star signs make good matches for Geminians?

The best match for a Gemini is another Gemini purely because they are able to understand the inconstancy of their nature so well. Two Geminians will match one another for sociability and articulateness and this is really important. However, other out-going signs make good partners for a Gemini too - expressive signs like Libra and Sagittarius.

Dating a Gemini

If you are after a Gemini man then you need to take on board the fact that they are likely to be very free-spirited. You can't try and tame a Gemini if you want them to fall for you. They are very unlikely to bore you and you need to reciprocate by keeping things interesting and different where possible.

The same tactic tends to work with Gemini women who respond really well to the promise of finding new things to experience. It's best not to bother these dynamic, independent and individual women with weighty suggestions about the future because that will go against their flighty instincts. It's better to win them over with a sense of excitement and adventure.

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