Libra Dating

Online dating is great fun however you choose to make connections with people. If you want a fun and enlightening way of testing your compatibility with other members then you can try horoscope dating, which uses people's star signs as a means of making successful matches.

If you're a Libra then you have what is known as an air sign. Other air signs include Gemini and Aquarius. This applies to you if your birthday lies somewhere between 23rd September and 22nd October.

Air signs tend to be characterised by relatively extroverted personality types - though not as extroverted as fire signs. As a Libra, symbolised by the scales, your ruling planet is Venus and you are ruled by the seventh house in astrological terms.

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Traits and characteristics of a Libra

Librans are great people to know. They have so many positive characteristics that it is hard to list them all, but they generally come from an open, friendly and sociable disposition. They are naturally very diplomatic, but that does not make them terribly decisive people.

Librans love to rationalise situations and they are very communicative. They like to co-operate and they like to do it with a smile on their face. For all that, Librans do sometimes lose their patience with people when they can see that the rational approach is not having the desired effect.

Librans don't tend to respond well to loneliness because they depend on people to give purpose to their lives. They don't like emotional scenes or excessive sentimentality and they tend to respond poorly to vulgarity and angry scenes.

Librans come into their own in loving relationships. Those relationships complete them and they like to part of that very solid and loving unit. They like to be creative in love in order to achieve a greater sense of harmony and they are great at co-operating in with that goal in mind.

Which star signs make good matches for Librans?

Gemini and Aquarius are good matches for Libra. This is because they are also good communicators who love sociable situations. However, it's very possible for Librans to find love with Arians, even though they so often display such opposing characteristics. Somehow those differences end up complementing one another to make a good dating opportunity.

Dating a Libra

Libran men tend to be attracted to women who are intelligent and confident. They are often quite fascinating individuals and they are characterised by a certain amount of delicacy and elegance. Feel free to make the first move with a Libra because they enjoy new social situations and relish the opportunity to talk to new people.

Libran women are just as delicate and elegant as Libran men and they really enjoy it when a potential date gets in touch with them, provided they do so in an intelligent and subtle manner. She will thrive in a social setting and this is important to remember when organising a date. Go for a lively venue where good conversation is easy.

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