Pisces Dating

Lots of internet dating enthusiasts use the horoscope as a fun and interesting way of determining who they are compatible with and who represents more of a challenge. However seriously you take the influence of star signs on people's character and on their compatibility in love, horoscope dating is something new and entertaining to try.

You'll know if you're a Pisces by the fact that your birthday lies on or between 19th February and 20th March. These dates mean that the ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune and most people recognise the symbol for Pisces which is the fish.

Pisces is a water element and this has an important impact on the character traits shown by a lot of Pisceans. Water signs denote an emotional and sensitive outlook on life and on love.

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Traits and characteristics of Pisceans

Pisceans are often characterised by their unpredictability. They are emotional and sensitive people, but they are also very flexible and they have a lot of imagination. This makes them quite hard to work out at times. They tend to be talented in lots of different areas.

Pisceans are social chameleons. They change their behaviour and attitudes depending on the people that make up their social circle at a given moment - this sometimes even extends to their sense of style and dress. However, this doesn't mean they are excessively fickle or impressionable.

The thing to focus on here is that Pisceans are quite committed to making life better for themselves, turning the ordinary into something a bit special. This can lead to absent-mindedness and it can also mean that they manipulate the reality around them to meet their vision.

When it comes to love, Pisceans often yearn to know that they are needed by their partners. They're tender people but that too often finds them in relationships that aren't good for them because they are too submissive to uncaring lovers. Pisceans do have romantic fantasies and they may follow these fantasies even when it gets them into trouble.

Which signs make good matches for Pisceans?

Pisceans are eccentric and they need strong and tender partners. This is why Taureans are such a good match for them. For real emotional depth, many Pisceans gravitate towards Scorpio lovers, but fellow Pisceans also offer them a dreamy tenderness that is lovely to bask in.

Dating a Pisces

So you've fallen for a man whose star sign is Pisces - what do you do next? Well, you have to shower him with affection to set up a deep emotional attachment. Pay him plenty of attention and take the lead in the relationship. If you enjoy order and you are willing to humour his slight possessiveness then he'll return your tenderness tenfold.

Piscean women can be quite fragile characters - as can Piscean men. As such, it's important to appeal to their deep sense of romance. Be a good listener and be strong for her, while showing your tender side so she knows she's wanted. Gaining her love is really rewarding and it comes from sharing plenty of conversation.

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