Sagittarius Dating

Horoscope dating adds an element of fun to online dating, but it also adds something interesting and mysterious. A lot of people find that the stars are a great help to them when they are looking for love because they give them a platform to test their compatibility with other members of online dating sites.

You are a Sagittarius if your birthday falls on or between 22nd November and 21st December. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. Fire signs are often characterised by positive, self-expressive traits. Other fire signs include Aries and Leo.

You are probably already familiar with the symbol of Sagittarius, the Archer. This turns out to be a really good visual metaphor for the personality traits shared by Sagittarians.

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Traits and characteristics of Sagittarians

If you are a Sagittarius then you will probably be especially impulsive and also very inquisitive. These qualities come from the fact that you have a fire sign and on that leads you to seek out new experiences wherever you can.

Sagittarians are usually positive people with an optimistic perspective on life - people who love their freedom and enjoy travel and learning about new things. Freedom really is top of the list of priorities for most Sagittarians and they often react badly when their sense of personal freedom is compromised.

The really positive thing about Sagittarians is that they are always on the lookout for positive experiences and as such they are usually happy, smiley people who have fun and carefree natures. When it comes to dating, this can make Sagittarians really attractive.

However, Sagittarians don't tend to enjoy being tied down by people who threaten their sense of discovery. They are wonderful experimenters and they need partners who share the same values in order to lay the foundations for lasting and meaningful relationships.

Which star signs make good matches for Sagittarians?

Arguably the best matches for Sagittarians are other Sagittarians. The reason for this is quite simple - they can rely on other Sagittarians to share their love of freedom and discovery and make these things mutual interests rather than personal motivations. However, a Sagittarius may find love with an Aries, because of their spontaneity, or a Leo, because of their expressive personality.

Dating a Sagittarius

If the man you are interested in is a Sagittarius then you'll have to show your fun side. Enjoy really fun and cheerful conversations with him on your date and show that you have plenty of varied interests in your life, otherwise they may feel that you don't have the sense of discovery they have.

If you are after a Sagittarian woman then you need to put any of your jealous or macho impulses on ice. Sagittarian women are carefree, fun and active. They don't respond well to a bad attitude. They much prefer a partner who adds to their sense of fun and happiness, someone who can make them laugh rather than suffocating them with intensity or seriousness.

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