Scorpio Dating

Internet dating is often made a good deal more fun when you start drafting star signs into your search for a new partner. You can actually put your compatibility with a potential love interest to the test by looking at the characteristics of your star signs. This page looks at the characteristics of Scorpians.

You are a Scorpio if your birthday is on or between 23rd October and 21st November. Your star sign is symbolised by the Scorpion, which is an interesting symbol conjuring some curious images. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars in the traditional interpretation and Pluto in more modern interpretations of the zodiac.

Your ruling house as a Scorpio is the eighth house and your sign is one of the water signs. The other water signs are Cancer and Pisces.

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Traits and characteristics of Scorpians

There is something quite intense and mysterious about Scorpians. Water signs tend to be quite introverted and this is evident in the characteristics that give a Scorpio away. For instance, they can be emotional, secretive and imaginative. Their inner lives are fascinating and this makes them appealing lovers.

Scorpians have something of an all-or-nothing character. They love something or hate it; everything is black or white. This means that they keep you guessing. You cannot tell at the start of something whether a Scorpio will give it their all or nothing at all.

Their dark and mysterious style makes them magnetic personalities, but Scorpians can be very controlling. They show incredibly feats of intuition all the time but they are resistant to others getting too close because they value their personal privacy very highly, even in love.

It's difficult to find the right balance with a Scorpio. The strength of their intuition can be too much for some, but there is very often 'something about them'.

Which star signs make good matches for Scorpians?

It makes sense for Scorpians to look for love with Pisces and Cancer purely because they make intuitive partners who are also very in tune with their emotions. However, the intensity and sexual tension of a date with a wild and expressive Aries is a really enticing prospect.

Dating a Scorpio

There is something extremely passionate and extremely exciting about Scorpian men. However, you have to watch out for their moods. They prefer a partner who is something of a challenge - a kind of muse for them to focus their emotional intensity on. They respond poorly to silliness and they don't like to be cornered into showing their emotions, so it's best to be tactful around them - to show interest but not to submit totally to their magnetism.

It's important that you demonstrate the strength of your emotions if you want to attract a Scorpio woman. She may be moody and at times introverted, but she will also be smart, proud and passionate. She wants to see the same qualities in you - the same passion and energy. However, she's not looking for someone to control her. If you give her a reason to be jealous or hold a grudge against you she will.

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