Taurus Dating

It's a good thing to keep an eye on your horoscopes in order to add an extra dimension to your search for a new partner. A lot of people put a good deal of stock in horoscope dating and there's something to be said for the frequency with which the stars predict good matches between couples.

Taurus is one of the earth signs of the zodiac alongside Virgo and Capricorn. It is symbolised by the bull, which actually turns out to be a really good image for the characteristics of many people whose personalities express the self-contained traits of earth signs.

Taurus belongs to the second ruling house and its ruling planet is Venus. You are a Taurus if your birthday lies between 21st April and 20th May.

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Traits and characteristics of a Taurus

So what sorts of personality traits are characteristic of people whose star sign is Taurus? Perhaps the most notable feature of a Taurus is his or her dependability. Taureans tend to be quite practical and they focus on the long-term future of projects in life, work and love.

Of course, the fact that Taurus is an earth sign means that Taureans are often quite in touch with nature. They can be very sensual and grounded. This often makes them very good people to enjoy a relationship with.

Taureans are easy-going, friendly and very determined - they tend to see things through when they get an idea in their heads. However, they do tend to need security and stability in their lives and they do get stubborn when things go against their plans.

Taureans are rarely impulsive or spontaneous, but enjoy the comfortable things in life - affection, romance, good food and drink and so on. For Taureans, it's often the case that only the best of everything will do.

Which signs make good matches for a Taurus?

Taureans often work really well together. They mirror one another's dependability and they make a stable unit. They also share a lot in common, especially when it comes to enjoying the simple things in life and taking pleasure in comfort and material goods. However, Taureans also tend to appreciate the energy and emotion of a Cancer.

Dating a Taurus

It's often the case that Taurean men will fall for a true friend - someone they have time to make a connection with. This is because they are looking to the future. The key is to take things slowly and to appeal to the comfortable side of their nature, while showing that you too are capable of thinking in the long-term.

Taurean women respond well to flattery and patience. If you can show that you're a determined sort of individual then you'll go a very long way to earning the affections of a Taurus. However, it's important to watch out for the jealous side of their nature. They don't like emotional games and they prefer to keep things open and simple. Remember this when you take a Taurean woman out on a date.

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