Virgo Dating

You're likely to use all sorts of different methods when searching for a suitable partner online. However, horoscope dating fits the bill for a lot of members. The exciting thing about horoscope dating is that learning about star signs is an activity rich with discovery and it can yield really positive results.

Virgo is your star sign if your birthday is between 24th August and 22nd September. This particular star sign has the Virgin as its symbol and it falls with the collection of earth signs of the zodiac alongside Taurus and Capricorn.

Earth signs tend to lean towards more introverted personality types - something which has both positive and negative implications where love is concerned. Your ruling planet is Mercury and your ruling house is the sixth.

Taurus belongs to the second ruling house and its ruling planet is Venus. You are a Taurus if your birthday lies between 21st April and 20th May.

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Traits and characteristics of Virgonians

Perhaps the strongest characteristics of Virgonians are their practical traits. They tend to be extremely rational and industrious and this makes them hard-working and diligent individuals. They usually display excellent attention to detail which means they make thoughtful and observant partners.

However, this sense of precision can lead them to become perfectionists in ways that are not always terribly positive. Perfectionism can make them difficult to please and it can give them a sense of nervous energy that makes them quite restless.

Where love is concerned, Virgonians tend to be quite realistic and practical. They don't necessarily go in for romantic fantasies and in relationships their perfectionism sometimes lead them to behave and speak critically of others.

Virgonians aren't always forthcoming when it comes to talking about their feelings and they can be quite guarded until they find a lover who really commands their trust. They are devoted in relationships but can be given to jealousy.

Which star signs are good matches for Virgonians?

The deep and mysterious passion of the Scorpio has what it takes to steal the heart of a Virgo, but they usually find more lasting and reciprocal relationships with other earth signs. Taurus and Capricorn have the right level of practicality and dependability to satisfy a Virgo who is looking for love.

Dating a Virgo

It's easy to spot a Virgo man. They tend to be quite serious and they like others who display similar characteristics. If you like a Virgo man and you want him to notice you, it's important to show that you are patient, serious and smart, but also very sweet and in need of loving attention. They often respond to more subtle partners who have a rational and fastidious side.

If you are after a very smart and very serious woman then there's every chance that she is a Virgo. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to win the heart of this perfectionistic and rational character. However, Virgonian women are usually worth the wait. You can do yourself a favour by engaging in intelligent conversation with her at every opportunity. Be honest and open because she's smart enough to detect duplicitousness.

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